10 Best Dry Dog Foods Worth A Look

Since day one of coming home with us, Darla has been eating Bil Jac Large Breed Puppy food. The food seems to be rich in nutrients, she loves it, and she is really starting to fill out now. I plan on continuing this brand for a couple of more months, but have been looking around at other options out there. I’ve read quite a bit about a raw food diet, but don’t think I’m ready to go that route yet.  So I continued to look at different brands of food and comparing ingredients. With Darla being a larger breed, it’s important to make sure she’s getting the best nutrients to help her develop. Especially her hips. For me, this is why I need to research the best dry dog foods out there.

There are tons of opinions out there about which is the best dry dog foods, but I did most of my searching on DogFoodAdvisor.com and Amazon. Dog Food Advisor is great because they give the breakdown of ingredients and Amazon is great because of the user reviews. Between the two, I was able to compile a list of they 8 best dry dog foods. There is no particular order on these as I feel there is no one best food for dogs. Just a great selection that can work for each dog in a different way.

10 Best Dry Dog Foods

bil jac large breed puppy

Bil Jac Large Breed Adult Formula

Of course I’m gong to start out with Bil Jac since that is what I feed Darla. There are ingredients such as chicken by-product and chicken by-product meal that keep the ratings down on this. Chicken is the first ingredient listed and is a quality ingredient due to the water content. Once the chicken is cooked though, it loses some of that water. We have been feeding Darla this formula since we brought her home the first day. At just over eight months old, I feel that she is filling out quite nicely while eating this brand of dog food, so I have no complaints. She has healthy stools and no stomach irritations from eating it. I personally feel this is one of the best dry dog foods out there for puppies as the food breaks down as opposed to moving through the intestines without breaking down.

best dry dog foods totw

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula with Smoked Salmon

I’ve never really heard much of this brand until I started looking at different types of food for Darla. This formula has great great ratings across the board and might be considered one of the best dry dog foods out there. This is full of fish protein which is great for the skin and their coats. It is grain free, with sweet potato’s and is a great source of energy for your dog. It is made with smoked salmon which is different than what I’m use to, and is supplemented with fruits and veggies. The food looks dark and rich with flavor and is a good size kibble for your dog. From all of my research, this brand looks to be great for the sensitive stomachs out there.

best dry dog foods purina one

PurinaOne Smart Blend Chicken and Rice Formula

Purina is a brand that I am completely familiar with. I haven’t fed any of my dogs this recently, as we normally stuck to Pedigree, but this brand seems to have come a long way. The main ingredient in this formula is real chicken. This is a great source of protein. The formula provides an antioxidant blend that helps support the immune system and has natural glucosamine. Glucosamine helps keep healthy bones, connective tissue and joint structure and function. The kibble has both harder and softer pieces and looks to be good for dogs getting up there in years.

merrick best dry dog foods

Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Formula

Merrick is another brand that I have not heard or read much about until now. It gets a very good rating everywhere you look and most of the formulas appear to be very similar. The main ingredient in this formula is deboned chicken which makes up 70% of the meat protein. Salmon oil is also included in this formula to provide the omega fatty acid for the skin and coat, and is grain free. The sweet potato ingredient is a good gluten-free source of carbohydrates. In addition, they are rich in dietary fiber. One ingredient I haven’t seen much in dog food is alfalfa. Now I remember giving this stuff to my guinea pigs when I was younger, but never knew it was a good source protein and fiber. Based on everything I read, this brand produces some of the best dry dog foods out there.

rachael ray best dry dog foods

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food Chicken and Veggie Recipe

It seems Rachael Ray is in the dog food fight and it appears she is doing quite well. The formulas that I checked out all seemed to receive very good reviews. This formula contains real US farm raised chicken as the #1 ingredient. It contains no poultry by product meal or filler. The by-product ingredients are typically the “controversial” ingredients, and this formula does not contain any of them. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives and contains natural prebiotics to help with healthy digestion. This is a natural dog food with the added vitamins and minerals to keep your dog going strong.

rocky mountain best dry dog foods

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Grain Free Recipe

The Blue recipes are among the best dry dog foods out there. They have multiple grain free recipes that are all equally as good for your dog. The Rocky Mountain recipes are boar, bison, and red meat. Each of the recipes contain Blue LifeSource bits, vitamin blends, no grains and good vegetable blend. One controversial ingredient is the tomato pomance, as some see it as a pet food filler, while others see it as a good source of high fiber. Flaxseed is one of the best plant sources of omega 3 fatty acids and is listed in the ingredients. This is another one of those natural approaches to dog food and is great with the digestive system as well as keeping the coat soft and shiny.

diamond naturals best dry dog foods

Diamond Naturals Beef & Rice Formula

Unlike the Bil Jac, this first ingredient in this Diamond Naturals formula is beef meal. Beef meal can contain almost 300% more protein than fresh beef. The second ingredient listed is peas, which is good source of carbohydrates and are rich in natural fibers. The formula also has the Omega fatty acids to help with the skin and keep the coat nice. This product is not grain free, so if you’re looking for a grain free brand, those are listed further in the article.

orijen best dry dog foods

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Orijen is one more brand I had not heard of until I started looking for different foods. This brand has received great reviews and everywhere I look I see this name pop up as one of the best dry dog foods. This is another grain free recipe and boasts a bowl full of healthiness for your pooch. The first two ingredients listed are chicken and turkey, which are both great sources of protein. The third ingredient is flounder and the fourth listed is whole eggs. Now, the whole eggs, I haven’t seen much in dog food, but eggs are easy to digest and offer great value your pups health. Mackeral is also listed as an ingredient which is a naturally high source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The bottom line on this dry food is that it is grain-free, meat based with a ton of meats and fish as it’s main source of protein.

blue wilderness best dry dog foods

Blue Wilderness Adult Grain Free Chicken Recipe

This is another Blue brand that is highly touted and has received great reviews. This formula is high protein, grain free, and contains real chicken. It does not contain any poultry by-product meals and no corn, wheat or soy. Since it is a Blue brand, it contains the BLUE LifeSource bits which is a blend of vitamins and minerals. In addition, this recipe contains sweet potatoes and peas to supply healthy carbohydrates, and blueberres, cranberries, and carrots for antioxidant enrichment. Overall, this recipe is grain free, plant based formula with a lot of chicken as its main source of protein, which makes this a highly recommended brand.

blue life best dry dog foods

Blue Life Protection Formula Brown Rice and Lamb

The final product that I looked at, was the Blue Life Protection Formula. Yet again, another Blue brand recipe with great overall reviews. Blue makes this formula from puppy stage to seniors. Deboned lamb is the first ingredient in this recipe, which is protein rich. The lamb also provides necessary amino acids for your pup. It contains whole grains such as brown rice, oats and barley for carbohydrates. Garlic, sweet potatoes and carrots are in the recipe for the source of nutrient rich vegetables. No by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. Another great product from the Blue family for your fur child.

There are many great brands, formulas and recipes out there. It mostly depends on what works best for you and your pooch, and the flavor that they enjoy the most. As I said earlier, Darla eats Bil Jac Large Breed Puppy and loves it. The food breaks down well in the digestive system and is rich in nutrients. The products I have described all seem to be a little bit better of a product than what I’m using now, so I’ll be looking to make a change as she gets a little older. It really is about making sure she gets the best of what she needs for good growth support in her muscles in bones. Being a large breed, she’s already at a disadvantage for hip issues, which I am hoping that we are able to steer clear of. Making sure she’s eating the right food is the first step in making that happen.