Darla’s Dog Days

I came up with Darla’s Dog Days because she intrigues me and I want to document her life. She is currently 5 months old and getting bigger and smarter every day. In some free time, I research different things about the breed itself, and just dogs in general. What’s worked for training, the best dog food, should I go natural dog food etc. I figured, there have to be more people out there just like us who are curious and want to learn as well. I want to be able to share not only our adventure with her as she grows, but other fascinating things we have found over time. Browse through my site, as I will be building a blog database to hopefully cover most things that one may have a question about.
About Us

Growing up, I have always had a dog in my life. Starting off with a Schnauzer named Schnapps that was my mother’s before she had me. When I was 3, I remember going with my father to bring home an English Setter named Patches. I eventually grew up and moved out on my own and got to bring home a dog of my own. She was a Black Lab named Natty. She lived through my 20’s with me, so I would consider her my “ride or die”. You know, all folks in their early to mid-20s are 100% responsible and I was no different. When I met my wife, our first purchase together was a miniature pincher who we called Rico. Natty and Rico were best of friends all the way up until they left this world.

Natty and Rico had both passed a few months apart, Natty was 14 and Rico was 12. It was when we were selling one home and getting ready to move into another. Several months went by where we didn’t have any animals. At first, it was fine, because we were busy and on the go, getting things accomplished. But once we started to settle in, I really missed the companionship. This is where Darla comes in. Darla is our beautiful, smart, energetic German Shepherd. Neither one of us have ever had a German Shepherd before, and judging by her personality, we are in for one awesome ride.