Dog Training Collars With Remote? An E Collar Review.

Everybody has their own personal opinion or view on dog training and the best way to accomplish. Whether it’s good old fashioned choker collars, prong collars, or dog training collars with remote, it basically comes down to what works best for you and your dog. The e collar, which is what most dog training collars with remote would fall under, could be viewed as a little more harsh or barbaric. I feel with the correct collar and use, these collars can be wonderful tools.

What Is An E Collar?

When I started researching e collars, I was pulling up results for both the cone collars, and the electronic dog training collars with remote. To me, e collar was the electronic one and I had never heard of the former being called an e collar. So for the purposes of my review on this e collar, I am referring only to the electronic dog training collars with remote.

The petTech e collar is one of those dog training collars with remote. It allows you to correct your dog from a distance. Some of these collars give you the ability to send a shock, vibration, and/or sound. The brand I picked up was (insert brand name here) and I got it off of Amazon for approximately $45. Before I purchased, I reviewed this along with many others and decided I had had enough good reviews that I was ready to purchase. The remote has the ability to send the signal from 330 yards away, and can send the shock, vibration or sound depending on what I want to use. Based on all of this, I felt I made a great decision.

The petTech Dog Training Collars With Remotedog training collars with remote

The petTech is one of many dog training collars with remote out there on the market. I chose this based on the overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon and the price. For an e collar, I was expecting to pay upwards of $100 easily. I was ecstatic when I found that was not the case. A couple of reviews that I had read were in regards to people using this for their German Shepherd, which also helped solidify my choice.

The  e collar package comes with a remote, the collar strap and the receiver. When I first received it, I went ahead and put both the collar and the remote on the charger before using it. The strap does not come attached to the receiver, but is easy enough to get on there. It’s not a cloth strap, it is more of a slick, shiny material. The receiver is a little black box, with a charging port, metal pins and a power button. You will need to screw these on as well upon opening the package.

The remote is fairly small and lightweight, and has a clip on it to clip to you. And has a frequency 1 and 2. So if you have two collars of this brand, you can control both with one remote. It has four buttons on the front and then an up and down button on the side of the remote. The buttons on the side allow you to adjust the levels on the sound, vibration and the shock. The buttons on the front are to toggle between which method to use, which frequency to use, a small flashlight, and one to send the signal to the receiver. All pretty basic and simple with the only learning curve is pinpointing the levels that you want to use.

How It Works.

Like I had mentioned earlier, this e collar works by sending a signal from the remote to the receiver. Whether it be a sound, vibration, or shock, is entirely up to you. To pair the remote up with the collar, turn the collar on, set the remote to whatever frequency you want, and then hold in the “Mode” button for a couple of seconds. You can always test first by using the sound or vibrate function on the remote while holding the collar. If you’re daring enough, go ahead and strap it on your arm to test the shock function as well.

dog training collars with remote 3

When putting the collar on, you’ll want to have it higher up on the neck, but not too tight. Also, do not leave this collar on for more than 12 hours at a time, as it could cause irritation on the skin. If you do notice some irritation on the skin after a short period of time, adjust the collar on the neck. Normally you would want the pins on the underside of the neck, but I have had success regardless of where the collar sits. I adjust the levels based on the response from Darla.

Because she is a royal pain in the ass, there are times where I do not get it as tight as it should be. The collar can move around her neck, so I adjust the levels up according to how loose the collar is. Once you have the collar on, you’re ready to go.

How High Should The Levels Be?

Choosing the levels might be the most difficult part of the whole process. Not so much for the vibration or sound aspect, but getting the right level on the shock. I’ve had the vibration as low as 15 and as high as 70. The level depends on how tight the collar is on her. With Darla, I can tell when she feels the vibration because she’ll stop what she’s doing, look down, and then come back to me.

With the shock levels, I’ve had it as low as 5 and as high as 29. Again though, this depends on how tight the collar is. If it is loose, it’s going to take more juice to get that shock into her neck. Plus, German Shepherds already have that double layered fur which seems to resist those shocks a bit. Please DO NOT go up to level 100 on this e collar for the shock. I get a yelp out of Darla when it’s on level 7 and the collar is on snug. Don’t get me wrong, it does the trick and she stops what she’s doing, but she is not one to normally yelp, so I know she felt it.

When To Use The E Collar

The package that the dog training collar comes in also has a small pamphlet about when to use the collar. For the basic commands, it would be along the lines of you tell your dog to come, then buzz for the attention and say again. This would be the same with commands such as “sit”, “heel”, and “down”.

Personally, I didn’t necessarily get this for the basic commands. I got one of these dog training collars with remote for the correction of bad habits. Bad habits such as jumping up on people, getting into the flower beds, leaving the backyard, and trying to chase cars. Again, everybody will have their own purpose for this e collar. The basic commands are still a work on for us, which is entirely my fault. Darla sits fine, but down is a work in progress. I feel that the treat reward will get us where we need to be with these basics.

Does This E Collar Really Work?

So after reading all of this, you’re likely wondering if this collar actually works. I can definitively say that YES this collar does work. Granted, it’s still a pain in the ass to put this collar on Darla, but it is getting easier. Once it is on her, she leaves it alone. Starting out, she was very unsure of the different things happening when the collar was one, but she quickly learned. I’m not sure if her being a German Shepherd had anything to do with her being a quick learner. The most important thing I wanted her to learn was to not leave our backyard to chase. We don’t have a fence, so this was top of the list.

After three months of using this collar for this purpose, we no longer have to keep her on her runner. There have been weekends where we are spending 6-8 hours a day outside either relaxing, or doing yard work, and she does not venture where she should not go.

There is one moment where we realized that this nice inexpensive dog training collar with remote was working. We were cleaning up after a cookout one evening and walked out front to throw some trash. Darla came with us, saw a car and started to run after it. Without even using the remote, I yelled “Darla, come!”, she stopped dead in her tracks and came back to us. This is when I knew we had turned a corner and this e collar was working. This e collar was purchased for exactly this reason, to make her understand that coming back to us is more beneficial than anything else.  Cars are the one thing that we had been having the biggest issue with, and we got her to stop dead in her tracks.

We’ve also noticed the same now when she tries to take off after a squirrel, rabbit or bird. We are well on our way to accomplishing everything that we wanted to with this collar. The ONLY downside I have found with is there is no indication on if the battery is running low on the remote or receiver. However, I have gone over a week with full daily use without charging. Normally we will make sure that it is charged up before weekends, since that is mainly the time that the collar will be used. This collar is most certainly a win in my book.