First Attempt With A GoPro Dog Harness

A couple of weeks back I was browsing through a forum looking for info and had seen where somebody had a video from the perspective of their dog. The individual had said it was a GoPro dog harness and I knew I had to have one. I have the compact GoPro Session that I purchased prior to our trip to the Dominican Republic last summer. It takes beautiful and clear 1080p video. With the way the GoPro records, it isn’t painful to watch constant motion going on like with a cell phone.

GoPro dog harnessIs one better than the other?

I searched the different types of harnesses, but most of them seemed to be the same. The official GoPro dog harness is rather expensive at around $40. It comes with different attachments but is ultimately a little pricey for what you get. I found a much similar harness for $10 on Amazon. From what I can tell, it works just the same.

The package I bought came with the dog harness that has a mount area in the top and chest. A small bag to hold all of the pieces, and a bunch of connectors are also included. The straps were kind of weird when I first looked at them, but then I wasn’t a dumb ass anymore and figured it out. The dog harness is probably easy to put on a dog that listens well. My hyper GSD, not so much.

Darla never once tried to take the dog harness off after I put it on. I did learn though that I need to have the camera on there first because she is a giant pain and won’t sit still. Check out the first video below with our new GoPro dog harness. This video was done with the back mount, so I’ll be trying the chest mount next. The video quality is great and is a fun way to see the world from a dogs point of view.