It’s Been A Loooooong Time!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. A week spent in Costa Rica, a 4 year olds birthday party to get ready to throw, and my real life job, have made it difficult to get anything new posted to the site. A couple of photos’s here and there went on Instagram, but that’s about it. The week in Costa Rica consisted of just myself and my wife, while the kids and Darla were home to still carry on in their daily lives. I will have more posted about Costa Rica in the future as I get everything together about our travels. It was truly an eye opening experience. We most certainly missed the crap out of the kids and the dog though, so it was good to see them when we got home.

While we were gone, my MIL came to stay with the kids and Darla for the week since the kids were still in school. I wasn’t too worried about them because they are getting close to being fairly self sufficient and would be in school the majority of the time we were gone. I was however, worried about Darla. You see, Darla is getting bigger every week, and she can be a handful. (surprise, a German Shepherd is a handful) More than anything, I was worried she may be a little too much in the sense that if she really wanted to bolt or do something ornery, she would have no issue. Plus, there would be days where she would be in her crate longer than normal due to the hours that my MIL had to work throughout the week. Extra hours in the cage would have her wound up even more. The week turned out to be good though on the home front, and everybody was in one piece when we came home. Needless to say, both Darla and the kids were extremely excited to see us.

36 Weeks And Still Growing Like a Weed

In the weeks leading up to our vacation, I somehow had it in my mind that Darla would be an enormous beast by the time we got back. Now, I was a little off from my prediction, but she is still growing like crazy. I haven’t weighed her recently, but about 6 weeks ago, she was 54lbs. She’s slowed down a bit, but not much. I venture to guess her next weigh in will likely be around the 60lb mark. With the extra weight, she’s also getting taller, faster and stronger. With this upgrade in size, also comes an upgrade in energy. There are times where I may be working on something, and next thing I know she’s bringing in one of her many toys and dropping it in my lap. I get about 10 seconds to throw the toy before she starts biting at my hand to get her attention. I just need to learn to multitask better I guess.

Now that things have settled down a bit I plan on getting back into the routine of posting some useful articles as well as updates and fun times with Darla. We have some things planned this summer in which we are hoping to be able to take Darla along on. In addition, every weekend will be filled with fun and (hopefully) sun, which means that we will be outside constantly either playing in the water, having a fire, or just effectively enjoying the summer.