Spring Is In the Air! Dog Days Are Comin’!

The previous weekend brought absolutely gorgeous weather to central Ohio. Knowing before the weekend that it was going to be beautiful, we had it set that we were busting ass on Saturday morning so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend. The weekend also brought more dog toys for Darla of course, so we couldn't wait to get out there and let loose. The dog days were about to get started.

Darla certainly felt the need to "assist" us while working in the yard. She had to know everything that was going on. Not gonna lie though, it wasn't awful unless she started getting in the way.  Between us, the kids, and the dog, we were bound to kick yard works ass. Since Darla was born this past fall, she never really got to experience a lawn mower until now. Needless to say, she was none too pleased with the machine. This should make for an interesting spring and summer.

april dog days

Play Time

Once all the yard work was done, it was time to play. We received a few Amazon packages for Miss Darla throughout the week. So we were ready to put the toys to use. A couple of glow in the dark balls, an indestructible Frisbee, an interactive treat ball, and a light up collar for the evening walks and activities. Turns out the best purchases were interactive treat ball (more info coming) and the light up collar. The frisbee may be indestructible, but the thing doesn't fly too well with the weight. Pretty much seems to die mid air. To combat that, we picked up a couple more Frisbees from Petco for $2 each. That allowed us to continue our work on the high flying catches.

Baseball Player Perhaps?

Over the weekend, we also learned that Darla does great as a catcher and a fielder when we are throwing some batting practice with the whiffle ball.  Now we just have to work on getting her to hang out by the pitcher and wait for the ball to be thrown. I feel like she could have done this for hours. It makes life much easier when you have a four legged friend retrieving the hits and misses for you. This dog was going crazy with everything going on. Between the baseball flying around, the soccer ball being kicked, she was on cloud nine. We even found out that she likes to chase after nerf darts. Who knew?

darla baseball
dog days at night

Once it got closer to the evening, we were finally able to get the light up collar on. During the day, we have no issues with letting Darla stay off the runner since we don't have a fence. At night, it's a bit of a different story, and this collar allowed us to let her roam around and still keep track. I think the best part was when the neighbors got home and out of their car with their little dog, and all you see is a pink glow hauling ass next door. It was all good though, no barking or trying to pick a fight, just generally being nosey. The neighbor didn't seem to have an issue, although he did snatch his dog up pretty darn quick. 😂