Sunday Afternoon Soccer Shenanigans 

We've taken Darla to a couple of soccer practices and finally decided to take her to the game today.  Now, it's just club soccer for 8 year olds, but it is fun to get out there in the sun on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Like always, it takes her a few minutes to let the excitement die down for her. Once she got over the fact that there were a lot of of other people around, as well as some other dogs, she was good to go. The only time she really tried to go was when the ball was being kicked up the line. Other than that, she was good to go and even got compliments about how well behaved she is!

Staying Hydrated on the Go With a Portable Water Bowl

In addition to a pocket full of treats we had, We also brought a portable water bowl that we purchased last week. This thing turned out to be a pretty swell purchase so far. It collapses down almost all the way flat and has a clip that allows you to clip to a belt loop. Open the thing up, put the water in and set it down, and you're good to go. The bowl is fairly heavy so you don't have to worry about it blowing anywhere. It also seemed sturdy enough for Darla to hit it accidentally a couple of times and it never tipped while sitting on the grass. This was the perfect thing for her because she was starting to wear out from wanting to try to see every dog and catch every ball.

portable water bowl
portable water bowl open

All in all, it was a great trip to the soccer fields. We got to see how well Darla does when she stays in one place on a leash for an extended period of time. And we got to watch our boy play soccer! Looking forward to more great days like this as the weather continues to get warmer.

darla soccer field watching
darla soccer field
darla portable water bowl